The welding for high carbon steel strip

2015-08-04 10:50:59  

The welding for high carbon steel strip


high carbon steel is often called tool steel, carbon content more than 0.60%, can be hardened and tempered.

High carbon steel of welding

Due to the high carbon content, welding performance is poor. Welding has the following characteristics:

(1) Poor thermal conductivity, a significant difference in temperature between the pads and the unheated portion, when the molten bath is rapidly cooled, causing internal stress in the weld, it is very easy to form cracks.

(2)To quench more sensitive, easy to form near the weld area Martensite. Due to the stress, so the weld gap generated cold cracking.

(3) The effects of welding temperature, grain growth fast, easy on the grain boundary carbide accumulate, grow up, so that the weld weak weld joint strength. 

(4) In the high-carbon steel welding, Carbon steel is more prone to hot cracking.

High carbon steel, high carbon steel is a classification,high-carbon steel high hardness but brittle, easily broken, middle carbon steel is soft but toughness such as c45 c50 c55 c60  grade, which has good welding properties than SK5  C60 C67 C70 C75 SAE1067 SAE1075 SAE1080 SAE1090 SAE1095.