0.6x40mm blue tempered steel strip

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Product Overview

GuangweiYouLiang's cold rolled hardened & tempered steel strip

Established in 1996, GuangzhouShiGuangWeiYouLiang Trading Co., Ltd is one of reputed and

prestigious company. We began international marketing from 2004. Since the beginning
we have established strategic alliances with value customers which will continuously improve
our products and our business. customers whom come from South America, Europe,
Middle East , Far East Countries, The Arabian Peninsula , South Africa and the others,
need more information ? please visit my website: www.gdgwsteel.cn 
0.6x40mm blue tempered steel strip
A--SPRINGS, especially rolling shutter spring /toy spring/ 
80mm 1.4mm 55mm 1.2mm 45mm 1.2mm 60mm 1.4mm 55mm 1.0mm 45mm 1.0mm
60mm 1.3mm 50mm 1.4mm 40mm 1.4mm 60mm 1.2mm 50mm 1.3mm 40mm 1.2mm 
60mm 1.1mm 50mm 1.2mm 40mm 1.0mm 60mm 1.0mm 50mm 1.1mm 30mm 1.0mm 
55mm 1.4mm 45mm 1.4mm 55mm 1.3mm 45mm 1.3mm
B--BAND SAW, wooden working band saw blade, 
20x0.8mm 20x0.55mm 25x0.55mm
50x1.0mm 80x1.8mm 80x1.10mm
90x1.10mm100x1.20mm 110x1.15mm 
120x1.20mm 125x1.25mm 
150x1.30mm 150x1.47mm 180x1.47mm
200x1.65mm 200x0.4mm 200x0.5mm
300x0.7mm 300x0.8mm 300x1.0mm 300x1.2mm
C--STEEL STRAPPING in jumbo/oscillate/ribbon style,
width: 9.5-40mm, thickenss: 0.4-2.0mm
0.7 x 63.8 0.7x74 0.7x83.9 0.7x12 mm
0.8x22 0.8x24.5 mm
1.0x28  1.0x40.9  mm
E--WIPER BLADE, vechile windowshield wiper blade
0.8x14 0.9x15 0.8x14 0.9x15mm
Each bundle firmed by steel strapping, with light anticorrosion oil and plasstic film, then
wrapped by compound nylon cover for standard seaworthy packaging, 
Quality control:                                        
1. Mechanical properties combining with high strength, toughness, hardness and elongation.
2. Excellent uniform Flatness.
3. Close Tolerance for thickness controlled by AGC system.
4. Excellent straightness of strip.
5. Superior Metal graphic Structure.
6. Swift quote & Competive price.