Spheroidizing annealed steel strip

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Product Overview

GuangWeiYouLiang is a expert for Annealed steel strip, annealed steel strip is heated to a pointed temperature and holding time a while, then it is keeping a cooling process. The annealed steel is heated to the steel phase transformation temperature.
In the meanwhile, the technology inlcuding :
---Full annealing,
---Spheroidizing anneal,
---Isothermal annealing,
---Graphite annealing,
---Diffusion anneal,
---Stress relieving and annealing after welding,
Customers requested to full anneal and spheroidizing anneal mostly, as these two technologies widely used for low-medium carbon steel strip or high carbon tools steel as well as stainless steel strip,
---GuangWeiYouLiang's full anneal is for low-carbon steel of refinement by casting, forging and mechanical properties after welding of thick overheating tissue, material grade like: ck45 ck50 ck55 ck60 these steel strip annealed typical application for: metal washers, shoes toe metal cap/shank/insole/lumbar/eyelet, strips for compressor body,
---GuangWeiYouLiang's Spheroidizing anneal prepare for the final heat treatment (quenching and tempering), material grades are ck67 ck70 ck75 ck80 ck85, the end uses like: spring baskets, metal clips, bucket hooker, metal hooker, shutter spring steel strip, bandsaw steel strip, wiper blade steel strip etc.
Typical application for :
metallic clips, electric appliances (radiator, handle), washers, metal compressor, fastsen tools,shoe accessories...