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C50s C75s C50 C75 cold rolled carbon steel strip

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GuangWeiYouLiang's Facilities including pickling(Etch) lines, rough/precision cold rolling machines, annealing furnaces, slitting&scrolling facilities, heat-treatment equipment etc.

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The welding for high carbon steel strip

high carbon steel is often called tool steel, carbon content more than 0.60%, can be hardened and tempered.material grade as: SK5 C60 C67 C70 C75 SAE1067 SAE1075 SAE1080 SAE1090 SAE1095,

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Steel recrystallization annealing principle

Steel recrystallization annealing principle.subgrain,The internal stresses,cold plastic deformation and deformation of tissue

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what's cold rolled steel strip

Strip Steel or cold rolled strip is a steel product that is produced from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled

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Factory Video

1-- shutter door spring steelstrip 2-- black steel strapping

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Products overview

GuangWeiYouLiang's Cold rolled hardened and tempered steel strip Material grade:CK45,K50,CK55, CK60,CK67, CK70,CK75, 50CrV4,C75Cr1,51CrV4, 60Si2Mn 420J2 size(width*thickness): 8.0-300.0mm*0.08-3.00mm Tolerance: Thickness +/-0.03mm max; width +/-0.05mm max Edge process: Slit / round / square. Surface: Polished (blue, yellow, white, gray-blue, black, bright) or Nature etc Physical property: Tensile strength: 450-1850N/mm2

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Steel annealing quenching and tempering process

Annealing is used in the production of preliminary heat treatment process. Most machines parts and labor, mold blank after annealing to eliminate casting, forging and welding pieces of internal stress and composition inhomogeneity; able to improve and adjust the mechanical properties of steel

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Steel coils of surface color

The table below shows the temperatures and the associated colours required when tempering steel for particular uses.

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